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Jason’s Wine & Spirits has been the preferred beer store in Ellicott City, Baltimore, Columbia, and Woodlawn, MD for nearly 40 years. Customers have relied on the expertise of our knowledgeable staff to discover new favorite brands and varieties. Whether you’re looking for recommendations or need to pick up a case of your favorite brew, we promise we’ll have what you want in stock and at a great price.

Discover Our Wide-Ranging Beer Selection

We aim to be your go-to beer shop in Ellicott City, MD. We stock beers from main brands, as well as specialty beers and rarities. There’s always something new to try, and our selection of microbrews and imported beers is the best in the area. The following varieties, and more, are in stock:
Beer scale: 1 (Lightest) – 8 (Darkest)

Pale Lagers & Pilsners

These golden-colored beers are lighter in flavor and lower in alcohol content than their darker-colored counterparts. That doesn’t mean they compromise on taste, though!
Beer Lightness Scale: (1)

German Bocks

Bocks come in a variety of flavors. Ask our staff for a great recommendation—especially when it comes to seasonal bocks.
Beer Lightness Scale: (2)


If you’re looking for ales, you’ll always find great options in stock. We carry pale, brown, wild and sour ales as well as IPAs.
Beer Lightness Scale: (3)


If you’re looking for spicy, sweet or fruity flavors in your beer, we’ve got a full range of delicious Belgians always in stock.
Beer Lightness Scale: (4)

Wheat Beers

These beers use wheat as their malt, and they generally feature tangy flavors that pair well with fruit. Talk to our beer experts to discover a perfect pairing.
Beer Lightness Scale: (5


These very dark beers have stronger roasted flavors than porters. They feature mid to high alcohol levels—let us help you discover your new favorite full-flavored stout.
Beer Lightness Scale: (6)


These dark beers are full of flavor—sometimes they taste like chocolate, coffee, or caramel. They’re more chocolatey than brown ales, but less coffee-like than stouts. Let our beer experts find the right combination of flavors for you.
Beer Lightness Scale: (7)

Dark Lagers

Malty and smooth, the variety of dark lagers we carry always deliver the best flavors.
Beer Lightness Scale: (8)

Fresh, healthy and trending. This assortment of different flavors and fun beer names will uplift your evening.

We carry beers from all continents and all over the world (Germany, Holland, Spain, Yugoslavia, polish, Ukrainian, and many more!)

These exciting brews are based off the flavors of the season. We carry beers for all seasons and occasions! Come in today to view our selection of spring beers, summer beers, autumn beers and Octob

This unique type of beer is brewed once a year and aged in bourbon or wine casks from goose island. Call our beer store today for more information on our specialties.

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For 39 years, Jason’s Wine & Spirits has been your neighborhood beer shop, spirits store, and wine shop. Looking for something special? Contact us today at 410-465-2424.